10 soft skills you must develop today.

“A person who is happy is not because everything is right in his life, he is happy because of his attitude towards everything in his life is right.”

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills

Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors. Unlike technical or ‘hard’ skills, soft skills are not about the knowledge you possess but the behaviors you display in different situations.

Soft skills can be taught, but they’re not as straightforward as hard skills: those specific qualities and skills that can be clearly defined, measured, and taught for success in a job.

Hard skills can be quantified and advanced. You can learn advanced mathematics or writing skills, and you can get better at shipping code.

But when it comes to soft skills — things like small talk, empathy, and flexibility — it’s not as straightforward.

That doesn’t mean soft skills aren’t worth investing in — and practicing. You need hard skills to land a job, but you need soft skills to progress in your career. So we’ve rounded up a list of the soft skills most critical to building a successful career — and how you can brush up on them.

I have learned these skills by attending IIM Calcutta (Institute Indian Institutes of Management) workshop when I was in my First year of college. This workshop was conducted by Alumni of the college in my university .It was focused on the 6 soft skills that every student must learn and possess for their development and it would be easy to get a job.

So I thought why not share what I Learned in that workshop,Right? !

So these are 6 soft skills that you must start developing today itself :

1. Communication skills :

Communication skills

Communication is the key skill that one must learn, If you want to do PGDM in MBA in any specialization you must master this skill. Even in Careers like Engineering, Journalism, Mass Media, Designing one must have these skills.

To develop them we must read more number of books, practice presentations, learn how to express yourself, learn how to defend yourself while in debate competition ore even while you are quarrelling with someone try to make your point and win the conversation, lol, you can do that.

You need to be able to express yourself concisely to impress graduate recruiters, but you also need to be a good listener and good at asking questions. Communication is more of a package than an individual skill:

  • Communication is not just what you say; it is also how you present yourself.
  • Being able to phrase the right questions is an important skill.
  • Not saying too much is also part of good communication.
  • Understanding your audience and tailoring what you say is essential to graduate job hunters’ success.

2.Team Work skills:

So, you obviously know what team work is but some might say Why Team work is important. So to answer them here’s WHY team work also is included in Soft skill .

According to indeed.com Teamwork skills are essential to your success at work, no matter your industry or job title. Working well with clients, colleagues, managers and other people in your workplace can help you complete tasks efficiently while creating an enjoyable environment both for yourself and others. 

Team Work is needed skill for every individual so to master or learn them one must have:

  • a understanding towards other colleague
  • one must try to work in more number of group projects
  • one must try to do a group games
  • play group games
  • communicate everyday and in every way
  • exercise together with friends or colleagues
  • accept differences
  • celebrate your success
  • read good books on team work ,etc.

3.Problem Solving Skills :

problem solving skills

Some graduate careers revolve around finding solutions – for example, engineering, management consulting, scientific research and technology. Graduates in other careers, meanwhile, will be expected to solve problems that crop up in the course of their jobs: for example, trainee managers should deal with operational problems (such as delays in the supply chain) or resolve the conflict between team members.

The ability to solve problems is an essential part of any employee’s skill set, even if it isn’t specified on the job description.

Well, problem-solving is not just needed in career or soft skills, it is needed in day to day life. We must have the ability to solve a day to day problem in our life. To develop them what we need to do is :

  • Able to analyse the situation
  • Brainstorming
  • Decision making
  • Managing Emotions

4.Leadership Skills :

leadership skills

A very tough soft skill which everybody doesn’t have , it needs to be developed by our own.

Having confidence and a clear vision can help influence your co-workers and get them on board with your ideas now and in the future. Displaying such leadership skills helps you gain visibility within an organization, which can lead to more opportunities for promotions or salary bumps.

 Bosses and managers are always looking for employees with leadership potential because those workers will one day be taking over the reins and building on the company’s legacy.

 Being a leader isn’t merely about getting people to do what you want. Leadership means inspiring and helping others reach their full potential. One way to do that are:

  • Inspire others
  • manage people more number of people under you
  • learn how to motivate a team
  • take on more responsibility
  • resolve conflicts
  • Be a good listener
  • take on more projects

5.Adaptability and Flexibility skills:

Adaptability and Flexibility skills

Adaptability is an attractive quality. We all like to think of ourselves as being flexible and adaptable, a team player, ‘going with the flow’. It means that we are not rigid or stuck and so are open to change and challenge.

If you were to ask most people if they consider themselves to be open and adaptable, they would say ‘yes’. If you truly are adaptable then you are more likely to handle change with grace and ease, and not be thrown by the unexpected and be a lot happier. Yet most of us are actually a lot more resistant to change than we might believe.

Being able to adapt to and thrive in different and changing situations is more an approach to life than a skill. However, there are ways for you to cultivate it:

  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Becoming an expert at managing your time
  • Put yourself in unfamiliar situations
  • Fitting in a part-time job alongside your studies

6.Time Management skills:

Time Management skills

Time management skills are precious, both in the workplace and in our everyday lives.

It seems that there is never enough time in the day. But, since we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others? The answer lies in good time management.
The highest achievers manage their time exceptionally well. By using the time-management techniques in this section, you can improve your ability to function more effectively – even when time is tight and pressures are high.

To develop time management one must have :

  • Prioritizing
  • Delegation
  • Decision-making
  • Goal setting
  • Multitasking
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Scheduling
  • Managing appointments
  • Record keeping

If you want to improve time management start from today.
Make a schedule of day to day activity to want to do and see whether you can follow them or not.
If Yes, great you are pro at time management.

If NO, it is okay to if you missed any of the activities because I am personally weak at scheduling and trying to maintain the schedule. I am trying to maintain it every day, I started by preparing day to day activities and started to follow it, it was hard at most of the time because we often feel sleepy after our lunch, but Now I am happy in following schedules I made and achieved my goal by ticking it in my phone daily. You should try too.

Know your personality type by taking test ,to learn more about you:

Know your personality type by taking test ,to learn more about you

One more thing I wanted to share with you guys was, if you nothing to do right now you should try personality tests . It gives you great results in showing what personality type you are .

If you don’t know your own personality try this .

Understanding some of your core personality traits as well as those of the people you are close to is also helpful in relationships.And it will also be helpful in knowing yourself . You will able to know your pro and cons and this will also help you to develop them.

Learning more about your personality type can also help you discover new ways to approach problems. If you discover that you tend to be high on introversion, you might take care in the future to give yourself plenty of time to become comfortable in a situation before you introduce yourself to a new coworker.



Happy Reading !

Take care !


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