Take care of your aging roots!

Take care of your old Oak Trees

The roots of a family tree begins with love of two hearts.

Grandparents are like the roots of a tree- they provide support to the young branches, flowers, and fruit above them.

COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. However, during times like these, it is crucial that we look out for the most vulnerable among us i.e. our grandparents. With a higher risk of developing serious complications from the virus, most of the older members in our family are in danger.

Whether it’s going out to buy groceries or medical supplies or meeting our loved ones, older people cannot risk engaging in such activities. Having said that, we, as the younger generation, can do our part and lend a helping hand to them during these trying times.

So here I am writing this blog to address every individual to please take care of your grandparents, be there for them, help them, hug them and care for them.

So here are 5 ways you can help your grandparents during this pandemic.

1. Teach them how to use technology.

While everyone is locked up under their roofs, it is hardly possible to meet our loved ones. Digital technology and virtual contacts have kept us all in action during these critical times. Start by helping your grandparents learn the basics of technology and slowly make them more efficient in handling their devices. You can keep them engaged by teaching them how to use smartphone, WhatsApp or any game on computer which they might enjoy.

2. Be available, whenever they need you.

Considering the new pandemic, our older folks are constantly stressed over their circumstance. In addition to the fact that they fear taking a chance with their actual wellbeing, however there is likewise a lot of hazard to their psychological and passionate state. In conditions such as this, you should be accessible to them consistently. Hear them out and their issues and cause them to feel needed. Give them the help they need.

3. Cook for them or with them.

When you are stuck in pandemic you have literally nothing to do, you can ask your grandma to cook your favorite dish for you or otherwise cook for them to be better. Whenever I ask something like that my grandma (my dad’s mom) becomes very excited to cook anything for me. I love her ravyachi kheer (Semolina Pudding/porridge). She makes it so delicious.

4. Encourage them to read some books they like.

My grandma has Alzheimer’s but she still has a habit to read her few favorite books in morning after her bath to keep herself busy. She prays for god everyday and at evening she prays and chant Bhagwat Geeta or Bhimrupi to keep herself busy and at peace.

So encourage them to read books to keep them busy and to achieve some inner peace.

5. Keep them in touch with the world.

With such a lot of data out there both on the web and off, it’s simple for anybody to get overpowered, and older grown-ups may discover it particularly hard to get exact and real news. Help your friends and family stay educated by circling them in to the opportune stuff they need to know, from sources that can be trusted.

6. Hug them if possible.

After completing vaccination schedule you are allowed to hug your grandparents for sure.

Hug them and let them know everything is alright!

If you like my blog, do comment below and let me know your suggestions.

Thank you for supporting my blogs until now.

Take care be safe!

Happy reading! Happy implementing!

Published by Madhura Risbud

An enthusiastic trekker, blogger, content creator and marketing student.

6 thoughts on “Take care of your aging roots!

  1. Feels good to read all this wonderful info with the how-to’s!!!! It is so appreciated!!!” “You always have good humor in your blogs. So much fun and easy to read.

    Good going lady ….


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